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Demonstrated Values

Laurie Girand is a trusted advocate for Southern California's families and communities. Click below to learn more about the values Laurie will bring to Sacramento.

When Laurie's daughter was poisoned by a negligent corporation, she championed new food safety measures with the FDA and California Department of Health Services. She took on the food industry and won; our food is safer because of her advocacy.

When fake addiction treatment operators began exploiting Southern California's neighborhoods, Laurie organized neighbors and fought for us in Sacramento to protect our vulnerable citizens and communities.

When a double homicide rocked Laurie’s neighborhood, she organized a Neighborhood Watch and drove measures to protect families and homes.

As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, Laurie knows we must do more to keep our families healthy. She supports accessible and affordable healthcare. As a former contraceptive counselor, she knows a woman's right to choose must be protected.

When government has been ready to pass watered down regulations and laws, Laurie has demanded more. She has built coalitions to speak out on behalf of consumers and families. She has taken on special interests and the career politicians at the state, local and federal level, promoting investigations to keep our families safe.

For over two decades, Laurie has insisted corporations be held accountable, from food manufacturers poisoning children, corporate interests infiltrating our neighborhoods, and scam treatment facilities abusing recovering addicts, to serial perpetrators allowed to engage in sexual misconduct in the workplace.

A graduate of California public schools, Laurie knows how critical a quality education is for a lifetime of success. Laurie has volunteered teaching in her foster daughter’s school, served on the PTA of her children's school, and serves on the Board of Trustees at Harvey Mudd College.

Laurie has opened her home to teachers working with first generation students. She was an Advisory Board Member of Breakthrough - San Juan Capistrano and is a Regent of the Boys and Girls Club of Capistrano Valley. As an Orange County licensed foster parent, she cared for two foster youth, one of whom was undocumented.

Laurie has worked with elected representatives of both parties, from local city politicians to members of Congress and the Orange County District Attorney to deliver real results.